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Set Mo – Chasing Forever feat. ALPHAMAMA (Jafunk Remix)

Release Date: March 11, 2016
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Album Review

JAFUNK does an excellent job with the remix of Set Mo‘s track ‘Chasing Forever’, the track is spacious, funky and does great from changing the overall style to something totally different. But don’t take our word for it? The first listen is below…

Comparing the remix to the original, ALPHAMAMA‘s vocals are pitched down to sound deeper and more rich, yet this change sounds so natural you’ll think that the vocal track was re-recorded by a vocalist nailing a deeper register.

The production has changed significantly as well, with a lot of focus placed on the deeper end, with a lot of low pitched keys and synth bass playing throughout the track – in comparison to a the more high end synth along with the high pitched vocals of the original.

JaFunk does a great deal with this remix, and it’s full of these wonderful patches of keywork, which give it some nice character. Overall it finds the right balance of new elements mixed with original material and creates a fresh slice of Set Mo heaven.

- Aiden Benavides